KAI Sushi & Sake Bar

Our Menu

New Specials:

 *Aloha Bowl                   Lunch:  12     Dinner:  16                               – Bowl consists of albacore, avocado, salad greens, caramelized onion, black or white rice, house  dressing, garlic ponzu, and masago

*Spicy Salmon Bowl      Lunch:  12     Dinner:  16                             *Spicy Tuna Bowl          Lunch:  12     Dinner:  16
 – Bowl consists of Spicy Salmon or Tuna, salad greens, cucumber, and seaweed on top of black or white rice

*알밥 (fish roe bowl):      Lunch:  18       Dinner:  18                              – Bowl consists of masago, tobiko, ikura, seaweed, eel, cooked vegetables, and eel sauce

Hibachi Platter: (LUNCH ONLY)
Chicken  10
Beef  11
Shrimp  11
-Served with miso, salad, vegetables, chilled spicy edamame, and fried or steamed rice

Sushi Bar Appetizer:

*Jalapeño Amberjack  12
– Thin slices of Amberjack (Japan) with sliced jalapeno, fresh wasabi, and mustard ponzu sauce